My name is Darlene Gormly (better known as Miss Darlene), and My Preschool File Cabinet is a place for me to not only store all my favorite tried and true early childhood activities in one place, but to easily share them with others.

I’ve been passionate about the field of early childhood education since my only daughter was born 27 years ago.  Once she entered preschool, I found myself wanting to stay and join in on the fun.  Having earned a living as a secretary for most of my adult life, I went back to school to pursue a teaching degree.

Over the years I’ve worked with children and families in child care centers, social service agencies, elementary schools, and as a nanny.   Currently, I am happily teaching a small group of preschoolers at Teacher’s Pet Pre-K, a home preschool program I started in 2013.

Content will be added slowly but surely.  You might encounter (Blog Post Coming Soon…), which are place markers for blog posts that haven’t been uploaded yet. Because I am not a professional blogger, you’ll find that my photos may not be as sleek or stylized as on other sites.  Most photos used are actual past activities/projects and are included to provide a helpful visual.  If you have any questions about specific topics that I have not yet addressed, please use the contact form below, and I will do my best to answer or help you find the information you seek.  Thank you!




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