My Perspective



You might guess that after many years of working with children and families, I have formed some conclusions and strong opinions about many topics related to early education and parenting.  You’d be right!

One thing is certain in education and parenting – methods and beliefs not only tend to change at least every ten years, but are often recycled and come around again.  What’s new now will be replaced in the not-to-distant future by something truly new or possibly by something that was new 30 years ago, but has a new name.

Younger teachers have asked for my help or advice when seeking to find their own methods.  What has worked for me?  Why do I use a specific assessment?  How do I talk to parents about some behavior issues I have observed?  These are some of the questions I receive.

My Perspective will pop up in areas where I have formed an opinion or method that I believe might be helpful to someone else after witnessing and living through these ever changing cycles.

Although I do have years of experience and education, I continue to learn from others as well.  It may be hard to imagine a life without cell phones and a data plan, but for old-schoolers like me, who started their careers buying activity books at the local Up With Learning Teacher Store before home computers and the internet, it’s amazing to have access to the overwhelming amount of information on Pinterest alone.

The ideas that others come up with continues to amaze me on a  daily basis, and I’m so thankful for those that willingly share with them me.