How Ebates Saves Me Money on Preschool Supplies


Promotion:  (Ebates is currently offering new members $10 toward their first purchase through March 31, 2107 and will reward me as well, if you use the links provided whenever you click on Ebates throughout this article).  

Most of us know the usual ways to find less expensive preschool toys and equipment:  local yard sales, thrift stores, Craig’s List, and waiting for store sales; but there is one habit I have acquired that has saved me over $600 in the last five years.  This $600 was returned to me in the form of rebates (Ebates) by check or directly deposited into my Paypal account.  This rebate was in addition to shopping for sale items AND using coupon codes for money off my purchases — I ALWAYS search for coupon codes first.

I make ALL online and some big box store purchases using Ebates, as they offer a percentage off your purchase at hundreds of retailers, including many of my favorites: Discount School Supply; Kohl’s (for great sales on Melissa & Doug toys); Walmart; Home Depot and Lowe’s; and on and on.

Ebates does this by providing a link to the store and keeps track of your purchase and rebate amount, which is sent by check or through Paypal each quarter.

Big Purchase Tip:  I often will order a large item (lawnmower, shelving, etc.) online from a retailer like Home Depot or large toy purchase (Little Tykes) from Walmart and choose to pick it up at the store, because I can get more of a discount using Ebates than I could if I just went shopping in person.

It’s so easy to use once you sign up, and there’s no hassle or commitment. I can’t imagine not using it, as every little amount adds up to savings!   Usually you just start every purchase at, search for your store, check out the coupons they may have available (I also always search for my own coupon codes first).  Also, throughout the year you can earn double rebates during special sale months around the holidays.

Time Saver:  Now there’s an Ebates  Cash Back Button, which can sit near your browser (similar to a button that Pinterest also offers).  If you are browsing online and Ebates recognizes a retailer, the button will flash to alert you to save money through Ebates.

Any questions?  Need help?  Let me know!







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